Curriculum Vitae

Personal information

Name: Alessandro Janetschek da Cunha
Current adress: Rua Pêro Vaz Caminhã Lt.C 8ºDT Coimbra 3030-200
Birth: Heidelberg / June 28, 1989
Nationality: Portuguese
Languages: Portuguese, German and English (Spoken and written)
Work desired: Permanent, Full-Time or a minimum of 1 year contract
Willing to relocate: Yes
Work Experience: 4 years at as waiter
1 year as a Front Desk Agent


Proficient in bouth PC and Mac platforms
Experienced with Microsft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Excell and SPSS software
Advertising Research and Creative analisys
Multitasking and good with people
Leadership and motivation

Formal Education

2009-2011 Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Coimbra, Restauração e Bar.
2013-2016 Instituto Superior Miguel Torga, Comunicação Empresarial


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